Fresh Addicts is all about your health; we want to focus on the quality of foods we feed your body.  Our vision is to create a place where you will feel inspired and motivated to be HEALTHY! We want to encourage our consumers, family and friends to envision a future where an addiction to fresh, local, natural, organic and wholesome food is real

and the number one leading lifestyle.  



Spreading good vibes and sharing our love for 

bright, beautiful, colourful and fresh food is what we are ALL about! We want nothing more than to see you happy, healthy and smiling! We pride ourselves on the food we serve and we promise to feed you only the freshest, tastiest and healthiest quality food that will keep you feeling your best! So, what are you waiting for? Become a fresh addict!  Good health is the greatest wealth - be good to your body. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.  



Our mission is to put a positive and healthier spin on fast food;  how awesome would it be to have our (future) children and grand children consciously think about the benefits of eating healthy and simple whole foods without having to sacrifice the taste? There are plenty of unhealthy on-the-go foods and drinks options, it is our priority to present you with a deliciously fresh, health conscious meal that will only leave you wanting more.  A combination of fresh whole foods (our wide selection of salads, grain bowls, smoothie bowls, wraps, toasts, soups and snacks) and 100% cold pressed juices (or smoothies) will incorporate all the minerals, nutrients, fibre, vitamins and carbohydrates your bodies need in order to keep it balanced, nourished, strong and full of energy.    

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eat fresh. be fresh.

100% cold pressed juice