We use fresh, real, whole and natural ingredients for everything we have on our menu. We believe in keeping it fresh, simple and healthy. Whenever you're looking for that healthy fix, we'll be here for you. 


V - vegan    VG - vegetarian   

GF - gluten-free

s a l a d s 


super garden (V, GF)

kale, spring mix, romaine, spinach, tomato, chickpea, edamame, carrot, red pepper, cucumber, purple cabbage

(dressing recommended: lemon & lime or avocado cilantro)

chicken kale caesar

kale, romaine, chicken, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, edamame, parmesan, crouton

(dressing recommended: caesar or lemon & lime)

mighty cobb (GF)

romaine, spring mix, carrot, onion, chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, tomato, cheddar cheese

(dressing recommended: ranch or cashew chipotle aioli)

santa fe (VG, GF)

romaine, avocado, tomato, corn, black bean, onion, cheddar cheese, tortilla chip

(dressing recommended: avocado cilantro or cashew chipotle aioli)

beet it (VG, GF)

spring mix, spinach, shredded beet, cooked beet, quinoa, purple cabbage, walnut, feta cheese

(dressing recommended: greek or balsamic)

w a r m  g r a i n  b o w l s


buddha bowl (V, GF)

brown rice, sweet potato, sautéed mushroom, collard green, edamame, sesame tofu

(dressing recommended: almond thai or balsamic)

fresh mex (VG, GF)

brown rice, black bean, romaine, onion, red pepper, chickpea, avocado, tomato, corn, cheddar cheese, tortilla chip

(dressing recommended: avocado cilantro or cashew chipotle aioli)

fetaziki (VG, GF)

brown rice, quinoa, purple cabbage, sauteed spinach, tomato, cucumber, green olive, avocado, feta cheese

(dressing recommended: tzatziki or greek)

blackened bowl (GF)

quinoa, spring mix, blackened chicken, sauteed spicy broccoli, chickpea, red pepper, avocado, mango, purple cabbage

(dressing recommended: avocado cilantro or cashew chipotle aioli)

t o a s t s


avocado toast (V)

avocado, olive oil, lemon, chilli flakes, sea salt

breakfast toast (VG)

avocado, scrambled egg, salt, peppercorn, olive oil

s m o o t h i e  b o w l s


berry deluxe (V, GF)

açaí, banana, blueberry, strawberry, house made almond milk, date, topped with banana, blueberry, strawberry, house made granola, house made toasted coconut 

tropic sunrise (V, GF)

açaí, mango, pineapple, cold pressed apple juice, topped with mango, pineapple, grape, house made almond butter, hemp seed, house made granola, house made toasted coconut

pink aloha (V, GF)

pitaya, banana, mango, strawberry, house made almond milk, topped with strawberry, banana, mango, house made granola, house made toasted coconut

green goddess (V, GF)

kale, spinach, mango, banana topped with strawberry, blackberry, banana, house made chocolate granola, house made toasted coconut

s m o o t h i e s


greenery (V, GF)

kale, spinach, mango, cold pressed apple juice

strawberry blitz (V, GF)

strawberry, banana, date, chia seed, housemade almond milk

mango nana (VG, GF)

mango, banana, frozen yogurt, mango nectar

berry bright (VG, GF)

strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, banana, frozen yogurt, cold pressed apple juice

green butter (VG, GF)

avocado, spinach, frozen yogurt, housemade almond milk

bb oats (V, GF)

blueberry, banana, oat, date, housemade almond milk

piña bliss (V, GF)

pineapple, banana, date, coconut cream, housemade almond milk

holy grale (V, GF)

grape, pineapple, banana, kale, housemade almond milk

rio glow (V, GF)

açaí, blueberry, strawberry, banana, housemade almond butter, housemade almond milk

natural protein (V, GF)

banana, spinach, kale, chickpea, oat, hemp seed, date, housemade almond milk

chocolate haze (V, GF)

avocado, cacao, date, agave, housemade almond milk, hazel nut

pink paradise (V, GF)

pitaya, banana, strawberry, almond milk, date, coconut cream

iron rich (GF)

kale, spinach, banana, mango, orange juice, pumpkin seed, beef liver supplement

c o l d - p r e s s e d  j u i c e s 

juice (2).png

hardcore green (V, GF)

kale, green collard, celery, apple

orangy orange (V, GF)

orange, carrot, pineapple, turmeric

purple beeter (V, GF)

beet, carrot, apple

citrus spice (V, GF)

orange, lime, lemon, cayenne pepper, ginger

activated lemonade (V, GF)

lemon, maple syrup, activated charcoal, h2o

cashew milk (V, GF)

cashew, vanilla, maple syrup, himalayan sea salt, h2o

green detox (V, GF)

kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, granny smith apple, ginger lemon

*Due to an ever-evolving menu and seasonal produce, menu items/ingredients are subject to change without any notice - please contact our store front if you require assistance or confirmation on ingredients listed on our website. Thanks!